Theatre Designer & Scenic Artist

Without Reluctance and Without Relief

Set and Costume Designer

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Presented by Ballast Theatre

Three plays about people whose lives are dramatically and suddenly changed.
Three dramatic monologues written by Jack writer-in-residence, Howard Colyer.

Without Reluctance and Without Relief: A man seeks to cope when the world shifts beyond his understanding. Performed by David Bromley and Warren Taylor, directed by John Fricker.

You Take the 321: A woman takes on a flat and a tenant more mysterious than any she had imagined.  Performed by Avita Jay, directed by Sean Turner.

Again: A man tries to recover once more from an attempt to help his girlfriend’s career.
Performed by Warren Taylor, directed by John Fricker

Set and Costume Design: Isa Shaw-Abulafia

Lighting Design: Jai Morjaria

Sound Design: Mark Webber

Photographers: Mark Bowsher and Isa Shaw-Abulafia